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We have provided templates for you to use and customize to meet your project management needs. We recommend consulting with your project sponsor to make sure you capture all necessary information.

Document Description
Project Charter  Document that outlines the project, provides a shared understanding of project goals, constraints, and governance, states the requirements, and formally authorizes the project.
Project Schedule List of activities that must occur to complete the project, the order in which the activities will occur, who will perform them, and how long they will take.
Project Communications Plan  Document used as a guide for change communication throughout the project, focusing on communications with stakeholders and audiences outside the project team.
Risks, Issues, and Decisions Log Worksheet to document and monitor project risks, issues and decisions.
Budget Tracking Worksheet Worksheet to document and monitor project expenses.
Project Status Report  Report submitted to the Project Sponsor to track project status, needs, issues, risks, and milestones.
Project Closeout Report  Document that evaluates the completion of project goals, milestones and deliverables and denotes the transfer of ongoing responsibilities to the business owner.
Lessons Learned Document submitted at the end of a project to describe what went well and what went poorly in the project.