The Project Management Office Self-Service Center is here to provide you with simple explanations of project management, a guide to project management, and easy-to-use templates to help you manage your project.

Using consistent and standardized project management methodology can help ensure projects are successfully completed on time, within budget, and with high-quality results. These resources are designed to help project leads, especially those that do not have formal project management experience. Get started by exploring these project management resources and adapting them to meet your unique project management needs.

Get Started. Easy as 1-2-3.

Blue quote box with number 1 insideRead the Project Management Foundations guide to learn more about the project management cycle. Blue quote box with number 2 insideCheck out the Project Readiness Checklist to help you clarify the expectations, outcomes, and needs of your project. Green quote box with number 3 insideIdentify and use the Project Templates we’ve created to help you successfully manage your project.

New Resources

Use this Project Readiness Checklist to help you develop a clear understanding of the expectations, outcomes, and needs of your project. The checklist helps you explore your project leadership readiness, project readiness, project charter readiness, and responsibility readiness. 

Watch our Change Management video to help you understand the importance of managing change in your project and how to prepare for managing project change.

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Building blocks


This Project Management Foundations guide (PDF version) will help you understand the basics of project management and offer resources to help you succeed in leading your project on schedule, on budget, and aligned with the project goals.

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Learn definitions of general project management terms, roles, and project documents.


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This guide (PDF version) will help you understand the basics of managing the change connected to your project and provide you tips on assessing the change, identifying who you need to engage with, building messaging about the change, and planning how you are going to communicate change