Roles and Responsibilities may vary according to project needs and PMO services provided. A Project Leader makes sure the work gets done by managing the project strategy. The Project Sponsor owns the project and provides resources and support for the project to succeed.

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Project Lead

Project Sponsor

Graphic head with gears

  • Review the Request for Services
  • Conduct intake interview
  • Identify PMO staff and services or other UWSA resources to meet project needs
  • Submit an online Request for Services
  • Share previously developed documentation
  • Agree to scope of services to be provided
  • Support the Request for Services
  • Guide project approval and budgetary considerations
  • Share expectations for meetings and reporting cadence
Handshake graphic

  • Define scope of work and deliverables
  • Gather business requirements
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews
  • Set project communication
  • Set team role expectations
  • Build team awareness of change considerations
  • Establish shared document repository
  • Finalize and deliver Project Charter
  • Provide expert knowledge to initially define the project and who needs to be involved in planning and evaluation
  • Ensure the right solution and path are proposed, with enough evidence to gain leadership support
  • Draft Project Charter
  • Determine how the project fits into the larger strategic portfolio
  • Define change required in strategic, numerical, and behavioral terms
  • Commit to dealing with sources, degree, and type of resistance
  • Establish regular check-in cycle with PMO and project lead
  • Sign Project Charter
Initiation graphic

  • Facilitate team accountability meetings
  • Establish schedule/cost
  • Develop risk log
  • Create vendor management plan
  • Develop communication plan
  • Guide/assist project lead in assessment of stakeholder communication and training
  • Provide expert knowledge to refine scope, deliverables, relevant stakeholders, and work needed
  • Determine what training, change management, testing, approvals will be required and how those will be achieved
  • Identify and recruit project team
  • Make resources available for project success
  • Provide decisions as needed
  • Ensure project remains in line with larger strategic goals
  • Identify and communicate what is firm and what is open to refinement and adjustment
  • Help build coalition of leadership champions
Project execution graphic
  • Monitor project is proceeding according to plan
  • Issue identification, escalation, and resolution
  • Facilitate decision making
  • Deliver regular status reports, risk, issue, and decision logs
  • Work with project leadership and stakeholders to amend plan
  • Keep workgroups or staff implementing the project and moving toward project goal by describing results, building relationships, acting when results are not met, and giving praise when due.
  • Keep leadership informed of progress
  • Validate status reports
  • Read status reports
  • Provide decision authority as needed
  • Ensure that project remains in line with strategic goals
  • Stay engaged and available for questions, concerns, and assistance
  • Remove obstacles to change management progress
  • Recognize success along the way
Closeout graphic
  • Facilitate closeout with project leadership and key stakeholders
  • Ensure business requirements and project expectations outlined in the Project Charter have been met
  • Provide closeout documentation, including lessons learned
  • Support business leads with post survey
  • Sign off on project deliverables and objectives
  • Contribute to lessons learned
  • Sign off on project deliverables and objectives