The current Transfer Information System students and institution staff and faculty use to access comprehensive course and credit transfer information among UW System institutions and the Wisconsin Technology College System needs to be replaced. This project will replace the system with two CollegeSource solutions by July 2020. It is collaboration between 13 UW System institutions, 16 Technical Colleges, the College of Menominee Nation and Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College. The result will provide greater access to course transfer information to students and institutions through a cloud-based interface. 

The PMO is providing project support to coordinate the work to retire the old system and move to the new system with measurable and sustainable results. The PMO is also supporting change management communication coordination to help institutions adopt the new technology.

The UW System Office of General Council (OGC) and Office of Compliance (OOC) have identified the need for an automated compliance management tool to manage known and potential compliance obligations. The project will evaluate options, select a solution, develop, and implement an automated compliance matrix application. The initial phase of the project will focus on development of an application for use by UW System OOC and responsible offices. Subsequent phase(s) will address all UW System campuses. A compliance matrix application developed by the UW-Madison Office of Compliance will serve as a model.

The PMO is providing comprehensive project initiation, planning, and execution support services, including management and oversight of the application’s software development team.   

UW System is partnering with UW institutions and the Education Advisory Board (EAB) to implement the Navigate student success management system. Navigate is EAB’s advising workflow and student planning management software that UW institutions will incorporate into their student success and advising programs. Institutions will use this tool to communicate with students and provide them timely student support services and information. This tool will help advisors, faculty, and staff build more effective, timely support to improve student outcomes. Learn more about Navigate Implementation.

The PMO is providing project execution and communications services in conjunction with UWSA Office of Policy Analysis and Research.

The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Implementation project will introduce a new risk management business process to all UW System institutions. The project involves development of a campus implementation plan and timeline, creation of a systemwide survey and associated analyses, oversight of campus ERM plans, and integration of campus data for use by the UW System Office of Risk Management. In addition, mitigation plans will be created for key risk areas. An important project goal is establishment of an ongoing process that will be updated annually.

The PMO is providing comprehensive project initiation, planning, and execution support services.

The Precollege Program Data Innovation project involves data collection and development of an enterprise database for all precollege programs offered by UW System institutions. The database will be leveraged for multiple uses, including engaging families of college-bound students, providing information for additional educational opportunities to high school and prospective college students, and ultimately helping increase enrollment in UW System institutions. The database will be invaluable to efforts to develop metrics on the efficacy of precollege programming across the UW System, assess the needs of participants, and enhance outreach efforts to prospective students, their parents/guardians and community stakeholders. Learn more on the Precollege Project Update page.

The PMO is providing comprehensive project initiation, planning, and execution support services, including management and oversight of the application’s software development team.

All UW System institutions are partnering to transform purchasing and accounts payable systems by implementing a future state procure-to-pay solution. The Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Automation Project will significantly improve the end-user experience by making it easier to place and track orders. This project also aims to improve the quantity and quality of data, streamline business processes, and facilitate strategic sourcing.  The project is being led by purchasing and accounts payable leaders across the UW System It is also a collaborative effort with the Administrative Transformation Program. Learn more at the Procure-to-Pay Automation website

The PMO is providing project management and change management support with the UW-Madison Project Portfolio Management Office.

The UW System is redesigning its current title and total compensation structures to modernize UW’s title, pay, and benefits programs. The project will create clear, consistent, and relevant job titles and job descriptions; market-informed title and compensation structures; and a framework for long-term career development across the UW-System. Learn more about Title and Total Compensation.

The PMO is providing project planning and execution, change management communication coordination, and communication services to UWSA Human Resources and UW System institutions (except Madison).

UW System will be changing travel management services vendors July 1, 2020. This change will provide specialized service to the various travel planners and travel arrangers and will result in significant savings for UW System. Liz Dressel with UW System is the project sponsor. This project also involves the conversion of hosting of the UW TravelWIse website from Fox World Travel to UWSA. The PMO is providing project management and change management support. The project will be completed July 2020. Learn more. 

On July 1, 2018, the UW Colleges’ 13 two-year campuses joined with seven of the UW’s four-year comprehensive or research institutions as branch campuses. This also included the affiliation of components of UW-Extension with UW-Madison and UW System and the alignment of UW Colleges Online with the four-year UW receiving institutions. Learn more about UW Colleges and UW-Extension Restructuring.

The PMO is currently monitoring restructuring issues and providing project closeout. 

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