Wis. Stat. § 36.115 authorizes and directs the University of Wisconsin System to develop two distinct personnel systems: one for UW-Madison and one for all other UW System institutions.  They will be   separate and distinct from the personnel system outlined under Chapter 230 of the Wisconsin Statutes (State Employment Relations).  Effective July 1, 2015, the statutes contained in Chapter 230 and the rules and procedures established by the Office of State Employment Relations will no longer be applicable.  Rather, classified staff – soon to be known as university staff – will be placed under the authority of the UW Board of Regents

UPS Operational Policies

The University Personnel System (UPS) Operational Policies have been developed based on the UPS Proposed Implementation Decisions as well as pertinent sections of Chapter 230.  The UPS Operational Policies, when finalized and implemented, will provide the framework for UW institutions, other than UW-Madison, to extend the UW Board of Regents’ authority to university staff.   Additionally, current policies such as the Unclassified Personnel Guidelines (UPGs) will be incorporated into UPS Operational Policies.

Next Steps

UPS Operational Policies will continue to be drafted, shared with the UW institutions including their appropriate governance groups, and the Board of Regents over the next seven months.  In some cases, institutions will need to develop local policies based on the framework outlined in the UPS Operational Policies. UPS Operational Policies effective July 1, 2015, will be in final form by March 1, 2015 to facilitate the necessary change management and training.

Operational Policies

UPS Operational Policies

Equal Employment Opportunity
EEO 1Affirmative Action Data
EEO 2 Equal Employment Opportunity
EEO 3 Employment Of Veterans
EEO 4Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities
EEO 5Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
allSummary Of All Leave Policy Changes
BN 1Vacation, Paid Leave Banks, & Vacation Cash Payouts
Vacation Leave Policy Changes
BN 2Personal Holiday & Legal Holiday Administration
Personal And Legal Paid Leave Policy Changes
BN 3Sick Leave
Sick Leave Policy Changes
BN 4Wisconsin & Federal Family & Medical Leave Acts
BN 5Catastrophic Leave Program
BN 6Paid Leave of Absence for Bone Marrow & Human Organ Donation
BN 7Misc. Leave Provisions - Jury Duty, Voting, Election Official, Hostage Leave, & Leave Usage Upon Death of Family Member
BN 8Non-Medical Leaves of Absence
BN 9Military Leave

BN 10

Faculty Sabbatical Program

BN 12

Continuous Service
GEN 0General Terms and Definitions
GEN 2Standard Office Hours, Legal Holidays and Other UW System Institution Closures
GEN 4 Criminal Background Checks
GEN 5Child Safety And Executive Order #54
GEN 6Subch III - Whistleblower'
GEN 7Subch IV - Freedom Of Speech Protections

Consensual Relationships

GEN 10

Rehired Annuitants

GEN 11

Workplace Safety

GEN 12

Hazardous Employment Benefits

GEN 13

Layoff for Reasons of Budget or Program

GEN 14

Grievance Procedures
Comparison of Grievance Procedures – OSER vs. UPS

GEN 15

Inclement Weather and Other Emergency Conditions

GEN 16Display of Religious and Other Holiday Symbols
GEN 17Inter-institutional Financial Transactions
GEN 18

Temporary Employee Interchange

GEN 19

Children of Employees in the Workplace

GEN 20

Student Employment

GEN 21

Crafts Workers

Appendix 1: Building Trades Rates

GEN 23

Job-Related Coursework & Training

GEN 24

Complaint Procedures

GEN 25

Payment Of Licenses

GEN 26

Concealed Carry

GEN 27

Development, Revision And Approval Of OPs

Appendix 1

GEN 28Sexual Misconduct
GEN 29Relocation (Household Moves) And Temporary Or Indefinite Work Assignments
GEN 30Summer Prepay Policy
GEN 31Worker's Compensation
GEN 32Personal Internet Account Access
Human Resources
HR 1Job Security
HR2Appointment Terms and Designation of Positions
HR 4FLSA Designation
HR 5Performance Management
HR 6Teaching Assistants Selection And Training
HR 7University Staff Temporary & Project Appointments
Comparison Of Classified And University Staff Temporary And Project Provisions
HR 8Title Change
HR 11I-9 Verification
HR 12Health Insurance Marketplace Notice Distribution
HR 13Personnel Files
HR 14Labor Relations
HR 15Open Meetings Law And Public Records Law
 PY 2Optional General Payroll Deductions
Titles & Compensation
TC 1Recruitment
Comparison of Recruitment processes – OSER vs. UPS
TC 2Title Definitions
Appendix 1: Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointees, Student Assistants,
Employees-in-Training (formerly Unclassified Personnel Guideline 1)

Appendix 1A: Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointees, Student Assistants,
Employees-in-Training Title Definitions (formerly Unclassified Personnel Guideline 1A)

Appendix 2: University Staff Titles and Definitions
TC 3Compensation
Appendix 1: Category A Salary Ranges
Appendix 2: Category B Minimum Salaries
Appendix 3: Faculty Salary Minima
Appendix 4: Executive Salary Ranges
Appendix 5: University Staff Salary Ranges
Appendix 6: Crafts Workers Rates
Crosswalk of UPS Operational Policy to Current Policies
UPS Transition
TR 1

Transition of Classified Staff to University Staff

TR 2Effect on WRS Service, Accrued Leave & Continuous Service when Moving to and From Institutions or Agencies
TR 3Voluntary Reassignment
Suggested Mapping of Exempt Classified Titles to Academic Staff/Limited Titles
Benefits Comparison: Exempt University Staff vs. Academic Staff & Limited
TR 4Reinstatement of Employment Privileges under 36.115
Workplace Expectations
WE1Code of Ethics
WE2Government Accountability Board
WE 3Workplace Conduct Expectations
WE 4Use Of Information Technology Resources
WE 5Educational Loan Lenders