Each UW institution, except UW-Madison, nominated employees to participate in Work Groups to help develop new University Personnel Systems (UPS).  The Balance of the UW System Project Team received a long list of dedicated and experienced employees from across the UW System and after considerable deliberation has assigned employees to the six different Work Groups.  The Project Team attempted to balance representation across UW institutions and all employee stakeholder groups.  Not every employee nominated was ultimately selected; however, the list of nominated employees who weren’t selected will be the first group considered if additional members or participation is needed in any of the Work Groups or any sub-committees that may be created.

Work Group membership can be viewed sorted by institution or work roup for your reference.  (Note: UW-Madison has established separate work groups for the development of their new personnel system.)  The selected employees will be receiving emails from the Work Group leads very soon. An aggressive time line has been set for these groups to make recommendations on UPS initial structure.  The Work Groups are scheduled to deliver their recommendations to the Project Team by March 15th.  The Work Groups will have initial meetings scheduled in the very near future.

Work Group Assignments By Institution Work Group Assignments By Institution