The UPS Project Team posted the proposed UPS implementation decisions on September 10, 2012. Stakeholders were asked to review the decision documents and send feedback by October 19, 2012, to the UPS Team or their local Offices of Human Resources.

Stakeholder Feedback on Proposed UPS Implementation Decision Documents

Thank you to all who submitted comments and questions!  The UPS Project Team received feedback from every UW System institution, totaling over 700 responses.  All stakeholder feedback was combined into one comprehensive summary document organized by work group category, as well as a general section and statutory changes section. (Stakeholder Feedback On Initial UPS Recommendations pdf )

Next Steps

Stakeholder feedback was a key component in drafting the Regent Policy Documents (RPDs) and UPS Operational Policies (UPS Ops) that will be part of the Board of Regent materials for the December 2012 meeting.  As additional UPS Operational policies are developed, stakeholder feedback will continue to be a key component in policy development.