Personnel Systems

The State of Wisconsin authorized and directed the University of Wisconsin System to develop two distinct new personnel systems:

These new systems are to be implemented on July 1, 2015.  For a complete timeline, view the project phase and timeline.


The two university personnel systems will be developed by taking the aspects of the unclassified and classified service that work best and creating one system of university employment.  The goal is to develop a process to identify personnel policies that have worked well – and that will continue to work well when more authority is delegated to the UW institutions. The systems will also maintain commitment to and the integrity of the UW System’s ongoing goal of a diverse and highly qualified workforce. Some specific objectives include:

  • simplification of titling structures
  • protection of existing employee rights
  • establishment of a compensation structure that enables the UW System to recruit and retain the best, most diverse, and most qualified employees

A New Framework

A framework for the new personnel systems is needed that is based on organizational principles that are simple, consistent, and have coherence.

  • Simplicity promotes efficient and effective policies and procedures.
  • Consistency provides for fairness of policies and procedures.
  • Coherence governs over simplicity and consistency so that the desire for one does not overtake the other in the development of new personnel systems. This ensures that different aspects of the new systems will work together toward fulfilling the purposes of a personnel system.

 This framework will emerge as existing policies and procedures are reviewed and sorted into two categories. 

  • Policies that have worked well will remain unchanged.  
  • Policies that have not worked well will be changed or discarded.  

The result will be the two new personnel systems that meet the diverse and unique needs of UW System universities, colleges, and extension.