Professor & Department Chair
Political Science/International Studies

I’m a Political Science Professor at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, and have been in the classroom for about 20 years. I teach a variety of undergaduate courses in the areas of American Government and International Relations. My SoTL research tends to be centered on student research skills and active learning. Outside of SoTL, areas of research include political communication, human rights, science and the environment, and American foreign policy. Outside of academia, I have a passion for container gardening, baking, and threadcraft.

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

Throughout my teaching career, most of my students have been first-generation students taking general education courses. No matter the class or student body, it is my belief that students are entitled to instruction that is engaging, challenging, and provides skills enabling them to become successful individuals in their post-graduation endeavors. In course materials and during class meetings, I link theory with practice, so students can understand that seemingly distant and disparate political events impact their daily lives. Through a variety of real-world based projects and activities, my goal is to foster information literacy and empower students the tools to take part in the political process when they decide its is their interest.