“Scholarly teaching is what every one of us should be engaged in every day that we are in a classroom, in our office with students, tutoring, lecturing, conducting discussions, all the roles we play pedagogically…. But it is only when we step back and reflect systematically on the teaching we have done, in a form that can be publicly reviewed and built upon by our peers, that we have moved from scholarly teaching to the scholarship of teaching”

Lee Schulman

Welcome to OPID’s  resource page on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). This website provides information and resources to UW campuses, faculty, and staff for understanding the nature and history of SoTL research. The site also aims to connect users to the Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars SoTL projects, national and international peer-reviewed SoTL journals, and national and international organizations that sponsor and support SoTL work.

SoTL Research History

Prior to 2012 the OPID collaborated with the Center for Instructional and Professional Development (CIPD) at UW-Milwaukee, later renamed the Center for the Excellence in Teaching and Learning, to host the original UW System SoTL Leadership Site.  This collaboration began in July 2002 as a way to encourage SoTL discussions and research on all UW campuses.  From 2003 to 2012, CIPD and OPID jointly sponsored the UW System SoTL Leadership Site, which was housed at UW-Milwaukee. Directed by Professor Renee Meyers (1954-2012) and Professor Anthony “Tony” Ciccone, the SoTL Leadership Site connected Wisconsin to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and its CASTL program, drawing from and helping to shape the national and international work in SoTL.