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As an employee of UWSA, you will become a part of the world-renowned UW legacy, with the opportunity to take advantage of significant opportunities for educational, professional, personal, and cultural growth.

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  • Your Eyes Need a Break

    December 3, 2016

    Try these simple exercises to energize tired eyes after hours of looking a computer screens.   Think to Blink Step 1.             Blinks slowly… feel eyelids touching lower lids. Repeat 5 times Step 2.             Blink lightly and quickly 10 times. End with a relaxing temple massage.   Refocus Your Eyes Step 1.             Focus on the

  • Conventional Ergonomic Wisdom vs. Current Ergonomics

    December 1, 2016

    Here are examples of conventional ergonomic wisdom being disproven. Most involve a relaxing of the previous “strict” rules. Current ergonomics encourage variety and movement rather than an exact posture. Conventional vs Current Monitor Distance 18-24 inches away As far away as possible while still being able to read clearly. Greater distances relax the eyes. Keyboard

  • The Best Ergonomic Keyboard

    November 2, 2016

    A well-engineered computer keyboard incorporates ergonomics function with a design to: 1.  Minimize awkward postures, 2.  Minimize unnecessary force, and 3.  Reduce unnecessary repetition. Keyboard use tips: Align the keyboard with the forearm (adjust tilt legs), and use a “wrist rest” where appropriate to reduce wrist extension or bending back (better termed as a palm

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OHRWD has a new email address: ohrwd@uwsa.edu


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Watch the UWSA New Employee Orientation to learn about working for UW System Administration.

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