TTC and Me

What’s Staying the Same

  • You will not lose your job. You will not have to re-apply for your job.
  • The work you do will not change.
  • Your pay will not be cut.
  • You will not receive a raise. Any increases in pay are out of scope of the project and will need to be funded and planned over time by leadership.
  • Your current benefits package will remain the same. Based on the Mercer benefits analysis and stakeholder input, the project team will recommend a benefits strategy by January 1, 2020 to enhance UW benefits offerings and help keep UW competitive within the market.
  • Changes to current benefits offerings are out of scope of this project and subject to Board of Regents and legislature reviews and approvals.

My Job

The work you currently do is not changing. Job titles will be much more organized and consistent across the UW System. There will be an internal title that is consistent throughout the organization referred to as a standard job title. Each standard job title will have a standard job description that is clear and concise and describes the core work commonly done in each job. Not all job titles will change.

Final mapping of each job title to a job framework is being completed. Once this is done the updated job titles and standard job descriptions will be posted online on the UW System project webpage December 1, 2019.

Employees will see their specific new job title and standard job description during conversations with their manager between December 1, 2019 through February 15, 2020. Employees will be able to discuss their updated title and standard job description with their manager during this time.

The goal is for all job descriptions is to clearly show the work commonly done at the UW System.

Standard Job Descriptions:

  • Accurately reflect job duties and responsibilities
  • Create greater consistency across the UW System
  • Align jobs at the UW System with the job market
  • Clarify career development opportunities

You can discuss with your supervisor if you believe the majority of the work you do falls outside the scope of the updated job title and job description. If, after discussing this with your supervisor, you still disagree with the change, your institution has a title appeal process for you to appeal your assigned title after the anticipated implementation of the project on March 1, 2020, and within 30 days of receiving your title change notification. More information is forthcoming about how to submit a title appeal.

Each standard job description will include three main sections: a job summary; a condensed list of essential job responsibilities; and knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the job. It will not include a long list of tasks or every possible responsibility the job may have.

  • Job Framework: created 24 job groups, 116 sub-groups and level guidelines to date
  • Standard Job Descriptions: 645 draft standard job descriptions have been developed to date
  • Job Mapping: Currently subject matter experts are doing final review of standard job descriptions and mapping them to their job framework

My Pay

Your pay will not be cut. You will not receive a raise. Your position will be part of a new, market-informed pay structure.

Our current system doesn’t accurately reflect the job market. We are comparing what is being offered currently at UW System to what other employers that have similar workforces are offering. The results will guide us toward making your pay competitive.

UW System is working with Mercer Consulting to identify pay ranges that are positioned competitively within peer markets. These new pay structures will show a salary range that coincides with a Compensation Philosophy that sets affordable and flexible salary ranges compared to the market ranges.

After the job title portion of the project is finalized in March 2020, the compensation structure can be finalized. Following this, your job title will have an updated salary range. More details will be forthcoming in 2020 about updated salary ranges.

Once developed, the market-informed pay ranges will lead to an update of pay programs and policies. Any disparities in pay for specific jobs are not part of the current project. Pay programs and policies will need to be updated, planned, and funded over time by leadership at individual UW System institutions.

My Benefits

An in-depth review of benefits has not been done on a comprehensive basis at the institution for almost 30 years. The goal is for you to have rewarding, enriching job opportunities, with competitive benefit rewards.

UW System will not use the results of the benefits survey or analysis to make cuts to current benefits. Changes to current benefits offerings are not part of this project at this time.

Based on the Benefits Survey Analysis and Employee Benefits Preferences Survey, UW System will recommend a benefits strategy by January 1, 2020 to enhance benefits offerings and help keep UW System competitive while meeting the needs and preferences of employees.

UW System will pursue benefits changes as part of a separate effort, subject to Board of Regents and legislature reviews and approvals.

The term ‘benefits’ applies to a variety of offerings or programs that combined with pay make up an employee’s Total Compensation. These programs include leave, financial wellness, health and wellness, employee engagement, and professional growth opportunities.

Some preliminary key findings include:

  • Most valued employee benefit at hire: Type of work and healthcare benefits
  • Most valued employee benefit once employed: Pay, healthcare benefits, retirement plans, paid leave, job security and job flexibility
  • The importance of pay (ranked #1) declines with age and the importance of healthcare and retirement increases
  • Sick leave and income protection are of “above average” importance

Some preliminary key findings are that the UW System provides competitive benefits offerings across both university peer groups and Wisconsin peer groups, especially in the areas of retirement savings and health insurance.