What You Need to Know

The implementation of the new job framework and titling structure does not change your current compensation.

The University of Wisconsin System compared current job titles and salary ranges to similar jobs in the marketplace. Using this market-informed analysis, your job will have an updated pay range informed by market rates.


UW System will be discussing pay ranges after finalizing the titling structure. UW System will also update current compensation policies to incorporate the changes made by the project.

Final compensation information will not be available at the time of Employee-Manager meetings. Those meetings will focus only on whether the job title and standard job description accurately reflect the work you do.


The UW System compensates its employees primarily through fixed compensation or salary. In the final pay structure, pay ranges will be positioned competitively within peer markets and will be broad enough to provide necessary flexibility to enable the UW System to attract and retain highly qualified employees at all levels of experience.

The Compensation Philosophy anchors the salary structure around the 50th percentile or midpoint of market ranges. This is a common business practice that allows the UW System to build a market-competitive compensation program that allows for flexibility.