What You Need To Know

  • The project does not directly address compensation issues but collects information for future action
  • As a direct result of this project you will not receive a raise, and your pay will not be cut
  • The project will create the framework for UW System leadership to identify compensation issues, recommend, plan, and fund salary and benefits adjustments in the future, subject to Board of Regents and legislature reviews and approvals


The project will provide the UW System information to better understand the value of our compensation and benefits offerings within the market and identify strategic priorities going forward. Using this information, UW leadership can design a Total Rewards program that fairly compensates employees, supports employee well-being, and provides employees meaningful and fulfilling work that matters.

UW System PAY

  • UW is comparing all current UW System job titles and pay ranges to similar jobs in the job market
  • Using this market-informed analysis, the updated title structure will be mapped to fixed compensation or salary ranges informed by market rates
  • The compensation structure will likely not be available at the time of Employee-Manager meetings


  • UW System is reviewing the state if its benefits offerings, which will provide the information to better understand the value of our offerings within the market and identify strategic priorities going forward
  • UW System conducted an Employee Benefits Preferences Survey, which asked UW System employees what they value about what is currently offered or potential benefits it could offer
  • UW System conducted a Benefits Value Analysis, which compared what UW System offers against what other employers offer


UW System Compensation Philosophy

UW System’s Compensation Philosophy lays out UW System’s strategic priorities:

  • Encouraging excellence by rewarding individual contributions that support the UW’s mission and goals
  • Supporting competitive and equitable compensation practices through a job framework, salary structure, and clear, flexible administrative guidelines
  • Establishing a foundation for career development both within and across job groups/families and job sub-groups/families
  • Developing a benefits package that is comprehensive, competitive, and market-informed