SJD Updates

Recent changes to the Title and Standard Job Library are listed below.

This list is not exhaustive as information continues to evolve. 


  • HS073 Standardized Patient
  • AD005 Administrative Manager
  • AD007 Administrative Supervisor
  • RE038 Research Technician
  • LM017 Collections Manager II
  • FP153 Capital Planning and Budget Manager (Inst)
  • TL024 Teaching Specialist 
  • FP102 Building & Grounds Supervisor 
  • Clinical professor titles
  • IT209 ITSM Process Manager I (Inst)
  • AD012 Governance Secretary 
  • FP087 University Architect (Inst) 
  • HS106 Medical Services Director
  • AV028 Alumni Relations Associate Director (C)
  • FN013, FN014, FN028 Budget Planner I, II, III (Inst)
  • AV013 Gifts Officer
  • SC016 Multi-functional Research Administration Manager (S/C/D)
  • SC015 Multi-functional Sponsored Programs, Grants & Contracts Manager
  • SC029 Research Administrator
  • AV013 Gift Officer I
  • SC029 Research Administrator
  • AD018 Policy and Planning Analyst I 
  • AE192 Student Affairs Program Specialist 
  • HS013 Clinical Counselor 
  • CP062 Parking Enforcement Supervisor 
  • FP145 Chief Facilities Officer (Inst) (C) 
  • RE081 Research Vessel Engineer
  • RE073 - RE075 Research Cyberinfrastructure Specialist I, II, III
  • RE076-RE080 Research Cyberinfrastructure Facilitator I, II, III, Manager
  • FP009 Engineering Specialist
  • FP138 Professional Engineer
  • FP133 Building Automation Control Systems Specialist
  • FP028 Building Control Systems Technician
  • FP150 Architecture/Engineering Manager
  • FP148 Capital Planning and Budget Director
  • CM034 Editor
  • CM036 Writer
  • SC015 Multi-Functional Sponsored Programs, Grants & Contracts Assoc Director

Updated: 11/01/2022