SJD Updates

Recent changes to the Title and Standard Job Library are listed below.

This list is not exhaustive as information continues to evolve. 


  • FP148 Capital Planning and Budget Director
  • CM034 Editor
  • CM036 Writer
  • FP014 Facilities Planner
  • RE081 Research Vessel Engineer
  • AD020 Secretary of The Board of Regents (Inst)
  • HR008 HR Business Partner
  • FP105 Power Plant Manager (Inst)
  • FP104 Power Plant Superintendent
  • FP099 Power Plant Operator II
  • FP098 Power Plant Operator I
  • AD011 Executive Assistant
  • TL022 Teaching Professor
  • TL056 Associate Teaching Professor
  • TL055 Assistant Teaching Professor
  • HS075 Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • HS016 Cytotechnologist
  • LM017 Collections Manager II
  • AD081 Business Operations Manager
  • AD082 Policy and Planning Analyst II
  • AT051 Athletics Program Operations Manager (D1/Horizon)
  • AT052 Athletics Program Operations Manager (D2/D3)
  • AT047 Athletics Assistant Director (D1/Horizon)
  • AT048 Athletics Assistant Director (D2/D3)
  • RE130 Assistant Visiting Scientist (to replace job code IC035)
  • RE131 Associate Visiting Scientist (to replace job code IC034) 
  • RE132 Senior Visiting Scientist (to replace job code IC033) 
  • PB044 Multimedia Producer III
  • PB015 Executive Producer 
  • Clinical Sciences Administrator Titles
  • Professor of Practice Titles
  • Information Technology Titles
  • Veterinary Titles
  • IT015 ERP Administrator I
  • SA009 Research Assistant
  • EI006 Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Provider

Updated: 06/23/2022