Job Family

A job family is made up of jobs that involve similar work and require similar training, skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Each job at UW System belongs to a single job family, which is determined based on the answers to the following questions:

  • Why does the position exist?
  • What are the most important duties in the position?
  • What duties take up most of the time

Job Sub-FAmily

A job sub-family consists of jobs within a larger job family. Job sub-families describe specialized functions. Each job is mapped to a single sub-family within a job family.

UW System Job Mapping process image

Job Families & Job Sub-Families

Academic Services and Student Experience

Promote student success and engagement. Create a welcoming and inclusive community for people from every background. Create and implement policies, procedures, programs, and services. Engage with students, faculty and staff. 

Sub-Families and Descriptions

Academic Advising: Promote and cultivate holistic academic, professional and personal success of all students. Guide student academic and professional decision making using information and rapport. Interpret and analyze curriculum and academic policy for students, faculty and staff. Make student referrals as needed. Monitor student performance and degree progress. Engage students through individual, group and electronic formats. Maintain student advising records.

Academic and Student Experience Services: Build interdepartmental and cross-unit collaborative relationships with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and external stakeholders to optimize student development. This subfamily includes jobs with primary duties that are so diverse they span multiple sub-families. This sub-family is used only when one specific sub-family is not primary.

Academic and Student Registration and Records: Manage and provide academic, curricular, and enrollment services to implement and manage academic and student records. Implement and enforce professional standards related to academic and student records. Ensure compliance with instructional and legal regulations.

Academic Skills Development: Plan, manage, and implement programs to enhance student skills for academic success. Work directly with students. Functional areas include learning style assessment, time management, test-taking strategies, tutoring programs, supplemental instruction, and coordination with and referrals to other support resources to enhance overall student well-being.

Admissions and Recruitment: Manage, develop, and implement programs for prospective student outreach, recruitment, and admissions. Provide information about admission requirements and policies. Process applications and evaluate applicants for admission to the institution.

Career Services and Student Professional Development: Manage, plan, develop, and implement thoughtfully-designed career development programs, courses, events, and experiential learning opportunities. Develop and facilitate employer and community relationships and job opportunities. Provide career counseling and advising across a continuum of developmental stages including self-awareness, exploration, goal setting, preparation, employment, and advanced education.

Financial Aid: Manage and provide strategic planning, compliance, coordination, outreach, advising on financial resources and support to students. Management institutional and government funds, determine and verify financial need, and provide information to students and families. Other activities include disbursement, budget planning, loans, accounting and reporting, and management of work study and student job centers. May manage scholarship programs at an institution.

Recreation and Wellness: Administer and provide health and wellness initiatives, recreational programs, and facilities to the campus community to support student development and learning. Use a combination of education, training, experience, and proficiency in aquatics, fitness, golf, instructional programs, intramural sports, outdoor recreation, and sport clubs.

Residential Life: Manage, develop, implement, and oversee programs, services, activities, policies, and processes related to residential life at the institution. Support the well-being, personal development, and academic success of students by promoting safe, inclusive, engaged community living.

Student Life and Student Program Management: Manage, develop, plan, and implement the institution’s programs, services, activities, policies, and processes for student life. Oversee and provide student orientation, health services, student conduct, leadership development, student organization advising, study abroad, veteran services, public service, student union, and other areas to support student experience and wellness.