Project Background

The focus of this project is to modernize the job title and total compensation structure, implement guidelines for compensation administration, and develop competitive work-life benefit programs that reflect the contemporary workplace.

The UW System has not completed a review like this in 30 years. The results will help the university sustain its outstanding workforce. This workforce allows the UW to fulfill its vision as a model public university system in the 21st century, serving as a resource to the public and working to enhance the quality of life in the state, the nation, and the world.

UW Compensation Philosophy

  • Attract, retain and reward a qualified and diverse workforce
  • Compensation shall be externally competitive, internally equitable, and shall reward contribution, recognize quality performance and encourage growth and development


How TTC Benefits Employees

TTC will help build defined, long-term career paths for employees

  • Allows employees to easily identify jobs within and outside of the UW System for which they may want to apply
  • Clearly explains the nature of the work for each standard job within the University 
  • Enables employees to understand more clearly how to advance in careers

TTC aims to create a sustainable job framework that reflects the diverse and changing needs of UW employees.

  • Encourages market-informed salary ranges

A more broadly focused standard job description allows flexibility.

  • Standard job descriptions allow employees to bring their unique skillsets to a job either in the application process or in performance
  • Concise, yet broadly focused, standard job descriptions creates space for employee to excel in job performance during annual reviews

How TTC Benefits Managers/Supervisors

TTC provides market-informed job titles and descriptions to attract top talent.

  • Creates clear job titles and descriptions allowing job candidates to easily understand the core work of the job
  • Allows market-informed total compensation (pay & benefits) to recruit the best talent
  • More broadly focused standard job descriptions allow for a larger candidate pool

TTC will help individual employees and managers to understand more clearly how to advance in careers.

  • Provides clear career paths by clarifying steps needed to move to new jobs within UW
  • Enables market-informed total compensation (pay & benefits) encouraging talent to stay within UW
  • Allows employee exploration of career opportunities within a job family or sub-family

The use of a standard job description, with 4-8 concise bullet points describing core duties and responsibilities, allows more space for employee success during performance reviews.

  • opens conversations about how an employee has met the job duty or responsibility
  • because there is no requirement to meet all of the many bulleted points of the previous position description, the results is more flexibility in how an employee meets and exceeds expectations

TTC & Me

This project will provide UW important information to enhance employee retention and to recruit the most talented employees in the marketplace – strengthening UW System as a whole through its’ greatest resource: the employees.

  • No UW employee will lose their job as a result of the TTC Project

The intent of the project is not to raise or cut current pay, but to modernize job title and total compensation structures.

  • No employee will receive a pay cut as a result of this project

UW Human Resources staff, stakeholders, subject matter experts and governance members across all UW System institutions have been involved in the project thus far. In 2019, all employees will also be asked to participate by reviewing their own modernized standard job description and title, and provide feedback. 

  • You will be asked to review and provide feedback on your draft standard job description in 2019. 
  • The process of drafting standard job descriptions is iterative, which means there are many cycles of feedback and redrafting. These drafts are not meant to be comprehensive, but to provide a point from which to begin. 
  • Your job description will be updated to reflect the common and core work performed. Your job title could change. The benefits of this include the opportunity to clarify your core duties and responsibilities with your supervisor, in addition to gaining more flexibility in how you perform your job (i.e. your job is not dictated to you in 50 bullet points divided by time allotment percentages).

Business Case: Why TTC

The intent of the TTC Project is to modernize and streamline the UW jobs.

  • Consolidates excessive and redundant job titles to reflect current work being performed at UW
  • Clarifies job title structures 
  • Creates consistency across UW system regarding job titles and expectations of work performed

This strategic project analyzes current job titles and descriptions against the current market.

  • Revises the job framework to clarify career and professional growth opportunities by creating job families and career levels

One component of the TTC Project is the thorough analysis of total compensation (pay & benefits). UW wants to remain just as desirable an employer as the day each employee began.

  • This project allows for UW to meet the needs and expectations of current as well as prospective UW employees