Advisory Council

The Advisory Council for the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project is systemwide Shared Governance. The TTC Advisory Council was created to provide the opportunity for all UW System stakeholders, including governance groups, to participate in the project in an advisory capacity representing their constituents.

The reconfiguration of the project Advisory Council from a 12-member board to systemwide Shared Governance incorporates representation from all UW stakeholder institutions, which supports the project goals of (1) enhancing communication; (2) broadening outreach efforts; (3) better supporting institution’s project teams; (4) deepening interest in and awareness of the project by UW employees; and (5) providing change management leadership for institutions and employees.

Advisory Council Members:

  • Serve as a representative for their employee group at their institution; providing information, collaborating with shared governance and TTC leaders, and advocating on behalf of their constituency.
  • Participate in and share feedback at the systemwide Joint Governance meetings.
  • Participate in and share feedback at the institution project team meetings.
  • Advise and partner with institution Chief Human Resources Officers/Human Resources Directors and project teams.

Advisory Council Members 2019-Current

All UW System institutions have shared governance groups representing students, faculty, academic staff, and university staff to advise administration.

To facilitate collaboration, UW System hosts meetings for each group with representatives from each UW institution attending. The goal is to enhance communication and deliberation among the faculty, staff, and students of the UW System institutions and UW System Administration. These liaison groups exist to make communication as seamless as possible between and among the Board of Regents, UW System Administration, and governance groups at each UW System institution.

This site provides rosters of each of the systemwide Shared Governance councils and links to each institution's governance bodies.