University Staff Definitions

University Staff Alphabetical Title Listing

University Staff Alphabetical Title Listing


Historical OSER Classification Specifications

Effective Prior to 6/30/2015

An alphabetical listing of these classification specifications can be found here.

Unclassified Appointments

Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin Statutes identifies four categories of unclassified appointments in the University of Wisconsin System:

Pursuant to s. 36.09(1)(e) Wis. Stats., the Board of Regents has the responsibility to appoint the requisite number of limited, faculty, academic staff and other employees and fix their duties and the term of office for each.  Unclassified Personnel Guidelines #2 describes how the four categories of employment are intended to be used throughout the UW System.

Unclassified Titles

Board of Regents responsibility to fix the duties of administrators, officers, faculty, academic staff and other unclassified employees of the UW System and each chancellor’s delegated authority for the administration and operation of the institution within the policies and guidelines established by the Board are set forth in Chapter 36, Wisconsin Statutes. [See Wis. Stats. 36.09(1) (e) and (f)]. The purpose of Unclassified Personnel Guideline #1 is to: provide a systemwide framework for title usage; describe System and institution authority for assignment of unclassified titles; offer general descriptions of unclassified titles (see UPG #1, Attachment 1); and, furnish each institution with the official list of title codes for budget and payroll purposes (see UPG #1, Attachment 2).

Unclassified Compensation

Unclassified Personnel Guidelines #4 presents the laws, rules, policies and practices pertaining to salary setting and salary adjustments for limited appointees, faculty and academic staff members in the UW System, regardless of the source of funds supporting their salaries. Various statutory provisions and Board of Regents policies that govern annual and mid-year salary adjustments for unclassified staff are explained.

UPG 4 attachment 1 lists all the unclassified staff titles and current associated salary ranges; UPG 4 attachment 2 lists the current Category A salary ranges; UPG 4 attachment 3 lists the current Category B minimum salaries. UPG 4 attachments 4, 5 and 6 detail the same information for the prior year.

Regent Pay Plan Distribution Policy provides the Chancellors with the pay plan distribution guidelines for unclassified staff (faculty, academic staff and limited appointees).  Chancellors shall develop, oversee and coordinate pay plan administration using the processes and practices of shared institutional governance that are operative at each institution.