The University of Wisconsin System UPS Operational Policy TC 3: Compensation (Section D(2)(c)), sets forth the criteria for consistent application of compensatory time regarding eligibility, maximum accrual amounts and use/payouts among all UW System institutions.   

In general, continuous service is all the time in continuous employment status as computed under s. ER 18.02 (2), Wis. Adm. Code, in the Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited Appointees service or as a permanent employee in the University Staff service. 

For more information on Continuous Service/Adjusted Continuous Service, please see the

Per Board of Regent policy, each UW institution is required to have an institution-specific criminal background check policy. Included in each institution’s policy is the requirement to perform a criminal background check on each new hire.

Although every effort is made to keep UW institutions open in spite of inclement weather or emergency conditions, there may be occasions where threats to the health and safety of students, employees or the public do not allow for normal operations to continue. Institution-specific policies can be found on the individual institution websites.

There exist situations where an individual who holds an appointment at one UW institution performs work for, and must be compensated by, another UW institution. Payment for such work must be consistent with
UW System Administrative Policy 205 (SYS 205): Employment of Student Help.

The Board of Regents is responsible for specifying job protection for for all employees, as described in UPS Operational Policy HR 1: Job Security.

This policy provides for consistent application of overload payments and temporary base adjustments for faculty, academic staff, and limited appointees among all UW System institutions.   Institutions are encouraged to develop institution-specific overload and temporary base adjustment policies within this UW System policy.

Consistent with Board of Regent policy and the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER), UW System employees, including tenured faculty and permanent classified, are subject to an employee performance evaluation program. Inclusion of other employee types in these programs is in accordance with institution-specific policy.

Summer Prepay Deductions maintain employee benefit coverage over the summer months if the employee is:

  • Is a faculty, academic staff, limited appointees, student assistants and employees-in training; and
  • Is on an academic year contract or on an annual contract that does not include work during one or more summer months; and
  • Who is expected to return to employment on or before the start of the fall semester.

The Summer Prepay Deductions and Summer Session Benefits Eligibility Policy provides guidance on summer prepay deductions, benefit eligibility for employees whose first appointment is a summer service or summer session appointment and administration of benefit changes that occur during a short work break.

UW institutions employing teaching assistants must establish standards for the selection and evaluation of such staff. UW institutional policy must address the training needs of teaching assistants to ensure they meet the standards.

Because titles of position are based on “best fit” and positions evolve over time, there are occasions where a title change is appropriate. View unclassified title descriptions and guidance on title change (UPG #1 Attachment 1 pdf ). Per Wisconsin statute, the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) is charged with administration of classified title changes.

The University of Wisconsin System employs non-US citizens only if they have been granted permission to work in the United States. A summary of immigration law as it applies to employment within UW System institutions can be found here.