The Title and Total Compensation Project is an opportunity to modernize our title and compensation. Our goal is to develop new foundational structures that will help us continue to attract, retain, engage, and motivate the best people.

The project is an extension of the University Personnel Systems (UPS) project, which created a comprehensive personnel system for the University of Wisconsin System.

The project reviewed more than 1,800 job titles across the University of Wisconsin System. For such a large-scale endeavor, the University of Wisconsin System and University of Wisconsin-Madison are jointly developing job title and compensation structures to accommodate the needs of all institutions.

The TTC Project creates…

  • Clear, consistent, and relevant job titles and job descriptions
  • Market-informed title and compensation structures
  • A framework for career development at the UW-System


The need for a review of our job title and compensation structure was prompted by the approval and implementation of separate university personnel systems (UPS and HR Design) from the State back in 2015. This action resulted in a historic opportunity to enhance and improve the way we manage our human resources at the University of Wisconsin System.

The Title and Total Compensation Project aligns under a broader UW System initiative, CORE or a Commitment to Operational Reform & Excellence. CORE is an ongoing effort to effectively and efficiently use our UW resources. The first phase of the CORE initiative promoted simplicity, consistency, and coherence in human resources policies and procedures.

The Title and Total Compensation Project was launched in 2017 to simplify the UW System and UW-Madison jobs into coherent title and compensation structures consistent across the system. We recalibrated the project in Fall 2018 to add another year to add a survey of UW benefits. This was not originally identified in the original proposal but arose from initial stakeholder interviews.

The University of Wisconsin System is committed to attracting, retaining, and rewarding a highly qualified and diverse workforce, both now and in the future.

  • An extensive review of Academic and University Staff (non-Faculty) job titles and compensation has not been completed in 30 years
  • The results will help UW System sustain and grow its outstanding workforce, while remaining competitive with its peer and competitor employers, locally and nationally