$8 biweekly or $20 per month – that is all it takes to start your UW TSA 403(b) account and save for retirement! Saving early is saving smart, and it is the easiest way to accumulate money because time is on your side. Once you set aside some money, you may find – as many others have reported – that you don’t even miss it.  Saving is easy with an automatic payroll deduction—and it feels good to save!

Take advantage of everything the UW TSA 403(b) Plan has to offer, including the tax benefits for savingAnd remember – there are no administrative fees, low-cost investment options, and free counseling in person or on the phone if you need help.  Do not hesitate!  Start saving today!

Still not sure where to start?  Complete an EZ Enroll form.  Your contributions will be placed in a target date retirement fund chosen by the plan provider selected.