UPS Policy Change

With the implementation of the University Personnel System (UPS), the information in this section has changed effective July 1, 2015. For more information on this topic, see the UPS website.

UW System Administration strives to provide employees with training and opportunities for professional development designed to enrich employees personally and professionally, as well as develop a balance between employee career goals and UWSA organizational needs.

As a means of providing employees with opportunities for professional development, UW System Administration has developed a variety of training programs. You can review the list of training opportunities developed and/or delivered by the UW System Administration Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity.

Additionally, the University of Wisconsin System Administration has an educational assistance policy which provides employees with fee/tuition reimbursement for qualifying education or training.  A link to the request form which must be completed and approved prior to the start of the coursework or training can be found within this policy.


The University of Wisconsin System encourages continuing education for employees and may provide educational assistance in the form of reimbursement upon successful completion of qualifying education or training. Qualifying education or training is determined to be beneficial to both the University and the employee in terms of increased knowledge, abilities, and skills.

To be eligible for consideration for such reimbursement, an employee must have at least a half-time appointment. Temporary employees, Employee-in-Training, and Student Assistant employee categories are not eligible. Read more about employee types.

Requests for reimbursement must be completed and approved prior to the beginning of the coursework or training. Please review the policy on Educational Assistance for Faculty and Staff for more information.

UW System Administration offers a variety of training programs and services designed to make your employment experience successful and rewarding. Included are:

  • New Supervisor Education (2-day training workshop)
  • Supervisor Refresher Course (1-2 day training workshop)
  • WiscJobs Refresher Course (1 day training workshop)

Additional training programs and services in support of professional development are being developed.

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