All positions are assigned to a specific title and salary range. This assignment of positions to titles is based on “best fit” using the title definitions.

Titling for classified positions, including permanent, project, and limited-term positions, is consistent with the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) classification specifications.

Titling for unclassified positions, including faculty, academic staff, limited appointees, and employees-in-training, is consistent with the University Personnel Guidelines (UPG).

Title Change

Unclassified and classified employees may be eligible for a title change or reclassification/reallocation when certain criteria are met.

Information on title changes for classified positions can be found in Chapter ER 3 of the Administrative Code.

Information on title changes for unclassified positions can be found in UPG #1.

For more information on title change, please contact your local Office of Human Resources.