UPS Policy Change
With the implementation of the University Personnel System (UPS), the information in this section will change effective July 1, 2015. For more information on this topic, see the UPS website.

When the workforce must be reduced, it may become necessary for the UW System to lay off employees. Layoff may occur due to a stoppage or lack of work or funds, owing to material changes in duties or to the organization (such as cancellation of a program), or other sound reasons.

The goal of the UW System is to ensure that all layoff actions are appropriately and systematically administered in order to retain the most effective and efficient personnel.

Information on layoff for classified non-represented staff can be found on Wisconsin Human Resources Handbook Chapter 232, “Permanent Layoff of Nonrepresented Employees” and Chapter 234, “Alternatives to Permanent Layoff of Nonrepresented Employees”.

Layoff procedures for classified represented staff in a certified bargaining unit can be found in their collective bargaining agreement.

Consult your local Office of Human Resources with layoff questions for classified staff; or for questions related to specific UW institution layoff policies for faculty and academic staff.