UPS Policy Change
With the implementation of the University Personnel System (UPS), the information in this section will change effective July 1, 2015. For more information on this topic, see the UPS website.

Classified Staff:

The grievance procedure for classified staff shall be as identified in OSER’s Wisconsin Human Resources Handbook Chapter 430.  This chapter sets forth the procedures by which employees may contest certain actions which affect their conditions of employment and includes additional information on the grievance process as well as a link to the classified Employee Grievance Form.

Faculty and Academic Staff:

All UW System institutions develop and administer, through Faculty and Academic Staff shared governance, grievance procedures involving dismissal and discipline other than dismissal.

In cases involving dismissal, UW System Faculty are subject to Chapters UWS #4 and 7 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. UW System Academic Staff are subject to Chapter UWS 11 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

In cases involving discipline other than dismissal, Chapters UWS 6 and 13 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code require UW System institutions to establish grievance procedures for Faculty and Academic Staff.

Please contact your Office of Human Resources for more information.