The University of Wisconsin System values its employees and the unique skills they possess. It is our goal to offer all employees a professional environment in which they can build a career while taking advantage of opportunities to learn and grow professionally. UW System employees are encouraged to pursue career movement by applying for positions both within and between UW System institutions.

For movement to a different UW System position, all applicants must participate in a competitive process. This process may be available:

  • only to the specific UW institution’s current internal employees;
  • only to current employees within the entire UW System; or
  • for all individuals both internal as well as external to the UW System.

The UW System Careers at UW provides access to vacancy listings at each UW System institution. Please review the “How to Apply” section of a job announcement for more specific information relating to application procedures for each position/vacancy.

If you are a current State of Wisconsin (civil service) employee considering employment with UW System, information regarding vacation, sick leave, and retirement benefits upon movement to a position within the University of Wisconsin System can be found on the UW System’s Employment Changes and Family Changes page.

Information for current UW System employees regarding career growth within your position (re-titling or progression/promotion) can be found in the Title Change policy.