The UW-River Falls TTC team provided a project update at the Shared Governance meetings (11/13, 11/14, 11/29) throughout the month of November. Included in the topics discussed were the Standard Job Description review process and Benefits review process, including the Employee Benefits Preferences Survey.

On November 26, UW System emailed a survey that asked for employee input on employee benefits. The purpose of this survey is to evaluate how well UW benefits programs are meeting the diverse needs of our faculty and staff and will help shape our benefits offerings in the future. UW wants to better understand which programs employees value most – and how those programs align with UW’s goal: to attract and retain talented employees. Keep in mind there is no intent to reduce benefits. Responses will help enhance UW’s benefit programs in the future. For example, UW may consider reallocating additional funding to align UW benefits offerings with employee wants and needs. The survey is confidential and is conducted online by Mercer, an independent human resources consulting firm. Only aggregated results will be shared with decision-makers at UW. The survey will be open November 26 through December 14.