The Title and Total Compensation Team at UW-Stevens Point has been visiting with various community stakeholders and leadership to provide general project updates. The UW-Stevens-Point TTC team met with Academic and University Staff (10/31/18) and the Chancellor & Vice Chancellors (10/8/18 and 10/31/18) to discuss these updates. The TTC project was recently recalibrated from a study to a project. The Title and Total Compensation Study was a one-year review of pay and benefit programs focused on reviewing the current job titles, compensation, and benefits programs. The TTC Study helped to identify what updates are needed in our programs. The transition to the TTC Project name demonstrates the actions being taken to make the updates identified in the TTC Study. The TTC is a collaboration between UW System, UW-Madison, and consultation with Mercer Consulting-a human resource advising group. The goal of the Study and the Project are the same: to update the pay and benefits programs for employees.