This guide will help you plan for the office visit copays that may apply when you visit your in-network health care provider.

  • You are typically required to pay your copay to your doctor’s office at the time of your visit
  • Copays are a set dollar amount (e.g., $15 per visit)
  • If you are enrolled in the HDHP or Access HDHP plan designs, you must meet the plan’s annual deductible before office visit copays apply. Once the deductible is met, then you will pay the office visit copays listed below.

You will not pay copays for preventive care office visits. Copays are for non-preventive office visits only and do not cover any additional services you might receive during your visit (e.g., lab work or x-rays). Additional services are subject to your deductible and coinsurance, until you reach your annual out-of-pocket limit. Here are examples of office visit types and the applicable copays.

Office Visit Type

$15 Primary Care Visit

$25 Specialty Visit

Family Practice


General Practice


Internal Medicine




(if your plan provides in-network midwives)


Nurse Practitioners


Physician Assistant




Urgent Care




Home Health Visit

Subject to deductible and coinsurance

Subject to deductible and coinsurance

Palliative Care Visit

For PCP Only

For Specialist Only

Vision Exam


Pre/Postnatal Visits

For family practice with obstetrics or OB/GYN

For maternal/fetal specialist 

Mental Health Visits/Therapy


Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Other Practitioner


*If all prenatal visits are billed as a package at the end of pregnancy, then deductible and 10% coinsurance apply. Check with your doctor’s office for more information.

last updated: 12/11/2018

Every effort has been made to ensure this information is current and correct. Information on this page does not guarantee enrollment, benefits and/or the ability to make changes to your benefits.

Updated: 08/31/2020