The Fringe Benefit Advisory Committee (FBAC) is a group of knowledgeable faculty, academic and university staff employees. It was established to provide an advisory resource that analyzes existing fringe benefits and proposes changes. The Committee will then secure the changes that can be accomplished through administrative action of the appropriate regulatory boards. The Committee has the following functions:

  1. Study existing fringe benefit programs and their impact on faculty, academic, and university staff and institutional programs and secure their implementation;
  2. Help define the alternatives for fringe benefit improvements to be considered by biennial budget working groups, the Secretary of the Office of Employment Relations, and the President. Formulate recommendations for biennial compensation plans;
  3. Improve the quality of information available to faculty, academic and university staff. Contribute to an understanding of their needs by soliciting the views of retirement counselors. Conduct or support surveys of employee opinion on fringe benefits;
  4. Evaluate legislation or other policy and procedural changes initiated by state agencies or policy makers. Make recommendations on behalf of the System in writing and through appearances before the Regents, regulatory boards and the legislative committee;
  5. Monitor studies conducted by executive and legislative agencies and take positions on behalf of the System. Also, advise the President and working groups of their implications.

This Committee is a resource for the biennial budget working group on compensation, the President, the Chancellors, Faculty Representatives and Academic Staff Representatives.