What is a Community of Practice?

Communities of Practice (CoP) are learning communities where members of that community share a specific domain of knowledge and have common ground in the work they perform. Members come together to share ideas, strategies and solutions and strengthen their knowledge-base through learning, collaboration and problem solving.

The idea for developing communities of practice was first suggested by HR professionals located at UW System institutions. In 2018, UW System Human Resources hosted CoP sessions for Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits during the Summer Conference. The results of these sessions were so positive that participants requested the CoPs continue.

Two institution-led CoPs are currently active: Human Resources/Talent Development and Benefits/Payroll. Utilize the tabs below for more information.

Additional CoP Information

CoP Governance

CoPs are institution-led with sponsorship from UW System Human Resources. Community activities will stem from those areas on the strategic framework, including collaboration, experiential learning, effective HR practices, talent development and mentoring & coaching. The number of touchpoints and how often they occur will be driven by each individual CoP. 

Membership to the CoPs is:

  • Open to HR, Payroll, Benefits and Talent Development professionals system-wide
  • Voluntary to those who wish to actively participate

Contact the CoP directly for more information.