Whether you are new to the University or have worked in benefits for a while, below is a list of data systems, helpful links and legislative references that you will use in your daily job duties. Many of the data systems require authorized access. Work closely with your supervisor to determine which system(s) you should have access to and follow the guidelines to do so.

Human Resource System (HRS)

Access to HRS is vital to your job duties. You will need to request access to HRS. See the Service Center Security Page for definitions of roles and instructions on how to request those roles. Click here to access the Human Resource System (HRS).

HRS KnowledgeBase

The KnowledgeBase holds training documents for performing tasks in HRS. Explore the KnowledgeBase for information on how to enter absences, time, additional pay, direct deposit, tax withholding and much more. Click here to access the HRS KnowledgeBase.

UW System Service Center Website

Use the administration tab to access HRS-related information, including HRS Process notifications, payroll schedules and calendars, training event information and tools to assist in benefits administration. Click here to access the UW System Service Center website.


Cypress is a report distribution service. Reports will be delivered to your Cypress inbox on a daily or weekly basis (depending on the report). Receiving and reviewing these reports is a constant activity for a Payroll/Benefit staff member. Visit the main Cypress page to learn how to request access and install the Cypress client.

Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF)

UW Business Intelligence

For information on University of Wisconsin Business Intelligence (UWBI) click here.

General Schedule and Record Management Services

General Records Schedules for the UW System on a variety of business subjects. Click here to access the General Schedule and Record Management.

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last updated: 6/27/2017