ALEX, a product of Jellyvision, is an interactive decision-support tool that helps employees make educated benefits enrollment decisions.

ALEX Benefits Counselor engages your employees one-on-one in a personalized benefits conversation that considers employees’ unique personal situation, keeps them unusually engaged, explains information in plain English, and helps them make the benefits decisions that are the best for them and their families. The ALEX tool is intended to enhance benefit communication tools and resources.

Jellyvision provides a number of promotional resources that you are welcome to use to promote ALEX at your institution.

Click here to navigate to the Employee ALEX landing page.

Download ALEX Jelly Clip Art:

 ALEX Jelly Clip Art- Zip File zip


Download ALEX Standees:

ALEX Standees Zip File zip

UW System HR ordered its ALEX standees online from WetPaint but you may want to look online at the many graphics companies offering printing services for the best price.


Jellyvision has a number of videos on YouTube that provide an overview of the personalized benefits counselor that you may use. The most current video can be found here.


Order pins for payroll and benefits staff! UW System HR ordered pins through Busy Beaver Button Company, which was recommended by Jellyvision but you may want to look online at the many companies offering printing services for buttons for the best price.




Stress Balls

Jellyvision recommends PromotionsNOW, but simply searching "Mood Wobbler Stress Reliever" will return several companies that make the exact same product.

Stress ball toys come in a variety of colors. You can customize your order with a UW System logo or a brief line of text, such as "Visit ALEX at"

You don't need any special image files to order your stress ball toys, but we are providing a white ALEX logo in case you'd like to use it: click to download ALEX logo png .

Updated: 04/15/2020