ETF has released the link for the new ETF e-learning module that provides an overview of what employees who currently participate in the Employee Reimbursement Accounts and Commuter Benefits Programs need to know for a smooth transition from WageWorks to TASC.

The e-learning module also notifies those who have a Health Care ERA that they must completely spend and claim the full balance before the end of the year if they have enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan and Health Savings Account for 2015.

The link to this web based e-learning module was placed on the ETF website yesterday. This provides you with the first chance to disseminate this to employees, but ETF has now also published the link to the ETF website. We want to get the information out as soon as possible due to open enrollment ending this Friday.  ETF also plans to send notifications to members and the public via ETF Email Updates.


This link will also be posted on the UWSA Benefits website FSA page ( and we will also an article on the portal.  We will be sending a directed email to current WageWorks healthcare FSA members to be sure that they are aware of the transition to TASC and will include the link to the e-learning module in that email.