We have been informed by TASC that their software is not sending out enrollment emails. When an employee registers, TASC will refer them to an email with specific instructions to complete their enrollment. That email is currently getting stuck in the TASC system and not being delivered to the employees. TASC is currently working to resolve the issue and once a resolution has been completed, you will be informed immediately.

At this point, if employees would like to enroll now they can:

  • Call the ETF Specific Enrollment Line at 1-800-745-9202 (They will then speak with an enrollment specialist, who will get their account and enrollment setup)

If the employee is willing to wait until the issue is resolved, they can do so. Please know that as soon as the issue is resolved, ETF will notify us that the emails are being delivered, we will let you know. We expect this issue to be resolved within the day.

ETF is very sorry for the inconvenience and frustration and has been continuing to follow up with TASC regarding this issue.