At last Thursday’s UWSC HRS Workshop – ABE Part II, we explained the process to follow when you receive a paper application for a High Deductible Health Plan for 2015.  Attached (to original email) is the HDHP Enrollment Checklist/Fax Cover Sheet that you will use to submit the application to Val Quinn at the UW Service Center.

As a reminder, upon receipt of a paper application for an HDHP:

  • Complete the employer section of the application(s) and fax application(s) to: Val Quinn at (608) 890-2327
  • Include the completed HDHP Enrollment Checklist as your fax cover sheet.
  • UWSC will hold all HDHP applications until there is verification of the employee’s enrollment in the HSA.
    • UWSC will enter enrollments in HRS and make necessary adjustments.
  • HDHP through eBenefits will be audited for HSA enrollment at the Service Center