Late last night/early this morning, we received some additional information about FSA and HSA enrollments from TASC that changes some of the information shared during Tuesday’s AG calls.  TASC would like us to use a State of WI dedicated customer service number for any FSA questions.  This number is 1-800-745-9202.  The number that we originally posted (1-800-422-4661) that is also in all of the TASC reference guides and materials, can still be used but the employee will be transferred to the other line when they identify themselves.  The FSA Enrollment Tab has been updated:  ETF has also made this update on their page:

We also just learned that we have a separate HSA Client ID/Employer number (different than the FSA Employer Number) that employees will have to use when they set up their HSA online.  The number is TAS-WI1368.  The HSA Enrollment Tab has been updated:

I also updated the slides that Beth and I went over during the AG calls yesterday (attached to original email) so they now match the information we have today.  The ABE PowerPoint has also been updated with this information.  We hope to have the ABE brochure updated soon.

Below are a few updates to the ABE website:

Finally, for those institutions who use eBenefits – the eBenefit Confirmation Notices are now available in Cypress and should be displaying in the employee’s Benefit Information box in the myUW System portal.

I’m hoping for a smoother road from here on out…