1. Wage Works letter – Substantiation of 2014 Claims

    Please see the email below about WageWorks mailing a new round of letters to request documentation to substantiate 2014 medical account claims. I will attend Tuesday’s State Payroll Council where Mary Statz will be available to answer questions.  If you have any questions you would like me to ask, please let me know by noon […]

  2. ABE Materials and Information – Part 1

    This is the first of many ABE-related email. We have some resources and information to share with you. Please be sure to visit the ABE website and the ABE administrative website frequently over the next few weeks as more resources and materials become available. You can access the websites at http://www.uwsa.edu/abe/. The Group Insurance Board […]

  3. Send Notice to Employees re: Taxability of Wellness Incentives

    We have previously advised you that ETF has determined that wellness incentives paid by health plans are considered to be fringe benefits and are taxable as wages.  ETF has now issued an Employer Update providing guidance. ETF is enforcing this requirement as of 2014 and is not taking any action retroactively. Included in the Employer […]

  4. UWSA OHRWD website updates

    Current updates to the UWSA OHRWD website (www.uwsa.edu/ohrwd) are as follows: Updated New Employee Orientations (removed Dreyfus as TSA option, updated UIA salary requirement) Updated Benefit Summaries (removed Dreyfus as TSA option, updated UIA salary requirement) Updated UIA webpage with new salary requirement Posted State Authorities Quick Guide on Admin Site on Guidelines page (http://www.uwsa.edu/ohrwd/admin/benefits/resources/#guide) […]

  5. TASC Contact

    A number of you have asked if a contact person has been identified at TASC (the new administrator for the ERA/FSA and HSA programs) as you want to invite them to attend your benefits fair.  A contact name has not yet been provided.  For a status update, please see the email below from Mary Statz […]