On behalf of all UW institutions, the UW System Office of Procurement serves as a champion of higher education and responsible steward of resources through procurement leadership, guidance, advocacy, communication, and training.

The Office of Procurement continuously strives to be:

  • An authority on procurement policies and practices for the entire system.
  • A center of excellence for supply management.
  • A leader in maximizing procurement resources through collaboration across the state and system.
  • Strategic, innovative and effective in implementing best procurement practices.
  • Proactive in identifying enterprise-wide cost saving and strategic contracting opportunities.
  • Effective and prompt in communications with stakeholders.
  • Timely and responsible in addressing stakeholder needs.
  • Proactive in professional development.


Ruth Anderson

Associate Vice President


780 Regent St.
Suite 105
Madison, WI 53715
Telephone: (608) 263-4378


Marcel DuBois

Purchasing Agent
780 Regent Street, Suite 105
Madison, WI 5375
Telephone: 608.263.4380

  • Hotel/Conference Agreements
  • Residence Hall Furniture
  • Contractual Services

Ruth Ginzberg

Sr. I.T. Procurement Specialist
780 Regent Street, Suite 105
Madison, WI 53715
Telephone: 608.890.3961

  • Software Licenses
  • Books and Periodicals
  • Electronic Databases

Rich Lampe

Director of Procurement
780 Regent Street, Suite 105
Madison, WI 53715
Telephone: 608.262.9138

  • Oversee the purchasing program for the UW System and audit the activities of delegated institutions
  • Supervise the operations of the UW System Administration office of Procurement
  • Direct procurement training across the enterprise
  • Provide technical assistance to all UW Institutions on procurement related matters

Janie Pflaum

IS Data Services - Procurement Analyst
780 Regent Street, Suite 105
Madison, WI 53715
Telephone: 608.265.5790

  • Spend data analysis and report development
  • Collect, analyze, and manage purchasing and payment data
  • Maintain the Office of Procurement website

Paul Schlough

Procurement Specialist Senior
780 Regent Street, Suite 105
Madison, WI 53715
Telephone: 608.265.0557

  • Food Service/Vending
  • Bookstores
  • Laundry
  • Amusement
  • Contractual Services

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