APEI adds value to the University of Wisconsin (UW) institutions and the State of Wisconsin by providing needed products and services that each UW institution could not achieve with the same efficiency and cost savings by itself.

APEI works with the Board of Regents to develop, implement, and assess systemwide policies and procedures relating to academic array management; academic program planning and review; and international education and engagement.

APEI assists UW institutions in these critical mission areas:

  • Enhancing college readiness, and teacher quality, recruitment, and retention, including the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) grants;
  • Developing innovative pedagogies to enhance student learning and academic quality;
  • Transforming research ideas into business opportunities, through the Applied Research grant programs;
  • Working with faculty representatives and academic staff representatives to address concerns and capitalize on opportunities that benefit the system as a whole.

APEI saves money for students, their parents, and the taxpayers of Wisconsin by monitoring unnecessary duplication of academic programs and working with institutions to suspend or eliminate certain low degree-producing programs, while adding new, more relevant programs.

APEI also provides oversight for the following:

  • Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium administered at UW-Madison;
  • Institute for Urban Education administered at UW-Milwaukee;
  • Collaborative Language Program administered at UW-Stevens Point; and
  • Hessen Student Exchange Program administered at UW-Oshkosh.

APEI works with institutions to implement the U.S. Department of Education Program Integrity Rules.