Public accountability is the Office of Educational Opportunity’s central function.

State Accountability

On the state level, the Office of Educational Opportunity is directly accountable to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Just like all public school authorizers in Wisconsin, OEO is legally required to submit financial audits and student outcomes annually to DPI.  DPI makes these reports available online and in their annual charter school guidebook.

Any public schools authorized by OEO will be subject to all applicable state and federal student safety laws, teaching licensure regulations, special education laws, nondiscrimination laws, and any contract terms.

System Accountability

On the system level, OEO works in direct consultation with, and is reviewed by, the University of Wisconsin (UW) System Board of Regents and in consultation with UW System campus leaders.

School Accountability

As public schools, any school authorized by OEO will be required to administer state standardization tests. The results of the state tests will be part of each school’s state school “report card” issued by DPI. Student outcomes and engagement will also be reported in aggregate and disaggregated form by demographic groups through DPI. This student data will be publicly available through WISEDash, an online data dashboard where  statistics about Wisconsin public schools can be compared and explored. In addition to student outcomes, any school authorized by OEO is statutorily required to submit annual financial audits to OEO and DPI.

Lastly, each school authorized by OEO will be required to meet contractual benchmarks for student outcomes, financial health, family engagement, and educator satisfaction to receive an offer for contract renewal.

Financial Accountability

All financial activities related to OEO are audited by the UW System and reported to the Board of Regents. OEO is also required to submit an annual financial audit to both DPI and the state legislature.

Public Accountability

Schools authorized by OEO will only continue to operate if students, families, and educators make the choice to be a part of a campus. The ultimate accountability will come down to whether families, professional educators, and community leaders decide to support a campus.