Faculty Collaboratives is a UW System’s project within the umbrella of LEAP Wisconsin initiatives. Sponsored by AAC&U, with funding from Lumina Foundation, Faculty Collaboratives is focused on creating a faculty-led “innovation hub” dedicated to advancing curricular reforms that lead to deeper student engagement, and higher retention and graduation rates.

Faculty Collaboratives is an integrative and synthesizing project focused on faculty leadership to drive forward student success. The project works to integrate multiple, existing quality educational attainment initiatives, embodied in the University of Wisconsin System’s LEAP Wisconsin initiative.

The Faculty Collaboratives project raises the currency of student learning outcomes and proficiencies as key measures of student success by engaging UW System faculty and instructional academic staff in giving students agency and self-direction, and in establishing learning environments that are high-impact, transparent, integrative, inclusive and equity-minded.

The University of Wisconsin System and four other state higher education systems or coordinating boards make up AAC&U’s first cohort of participants: California, Indiana, Texas, and Utah.