University of Wisconsin System institutions offer students a wide variety of opportunities in all aspects of international education. Study abroad is an integral part of these experiences. Some of these study abroad programs are open to students registered at any accredited post-secondary institution in the United States; others are limited to students registered at the sponsoring UW System institution.

UW HELP also provides general information on International Study in the UW System, and includes a Listing by Campus.

Study Abroad Directors by Campus.
Study Abroad Directors 2016

Study Abroad Programs by Country

Study Abroad By Country February 2016
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These programs have different levels of student eligibility as indicated by these terms:

  • Open means the program is open to students from any accredited institution.
  • Limited means the program is open only to students enrolled at the sponsoring UW institution.

NOTE: While we hope the information provided on this page is helpful, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. If you find a program listing of interest, please confirm eligibility and other details with the sponsoring UW institution.