What About The Goals of Plan 2008 Which We Have Yet to Reach?

Establishing a critical mass of faculty, staff, and students from historically underrepresented groups will remain a top priority for UW campuses under Inclusive Excellence. As institutions of learning, as a collective system of higher education, and as a state, our futures depend heavily on our ability to educate and hire those who will soon constitute the new majority in this country. We shall maintain our support of efforts aimed at diversifying our institutions, including our multicultural/disadvantaged initiatives, pre-college programs, and efforts such as the Equity Scorecard Project to enhance access, retention, and graduation rates for students of color as well as to ensure their full and successful participation at all levels of institutional life.

UW System Administration and UW institutions will engage in collaboration with one another to identify which reliable measures will be used to assess how they are doing in their Inclusive Excellence-related efforts.

The Inclusive Excellence process is an iterative one, something that unfolds and develops over time, according to each institution’s mission, culture, identity, and demographics. If institutions work diligently and steadily to incorporate their diversity work into the larger institutional culture, Inclusive Excellence and diversity more generally will simply become integrated into the larger fabric of the institution.

Inclusive Excellence is not a free-standing initiative to be treated as separate or distinct from other institutional planning efforts. Therefore, its implementation should not require any additional resources of either the financial or human kind. It will require the leveraging of institutional resources so that they are distributed according to a campus’ most pressing diversity needs.