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  1. Xythos Migration

    Information Services is preparing to migrate from Xythos to Microsoft SharePoint in early 2017.  In anticipation of this migration, no new Xythos accounts, shared folders, or department folders will be created.  Anyone with a need to securely collaborate with others both within and outside of UWSA should instead use Microsoft SharePoint. Although we will not

  1. New Password Self-Service Option

    Information Services is replacing the existing password self-service functionality provided by Nervepoint Technologies with functionality available through Office 365.  Password self-service through Office 365 offers multiple options for identity authentication: receive a verification code through a voice or text message; receive a verification code sent to a non-UWSA e-mail account, or authenticate by answering three security

  1. Microsoft SharePoint Available

    The Office of Information Services is excited to announce and offer SharePoint 2013 to all UW System Administration employees. SharePoint is a robust collaboration tool that allows users to share documents, create paperless approval processes, manage projects and create secure websites for internal and external use. To learn how your office can leverage SharePoint or

  1. Office 365 Now Supports Event Scheduling with UW-Milwaukee

    The ability to schedule events with employees at UW-Milwaukee is now available through Office 365.  Once you have entered the employee’s e-mail address, his or her availability will be displayed automatically. With the addition of UW-Milwaukee, we now are able to schedule meetings and events with employees at: UW Colleges and Extension UW-Eau Claire UW-Green

  1. Your U: Drive Alternative

    Information Services has for years provided employees with individual secure storage commonly referred to as the U: drive.  The U: drive is a good place to store your work-related documents because they are backed up on a regular basis; however, the U: drive can only be accessed remotely through a VPN connection and cannot be accessed

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