The President’s Advisory Committee on Health, Safety and Security (PACHSS) is the primary group to identify potential and existing student health, safety and security risks, gather and share information, and recommend Systemwide policies, procedures, and guidelines. The committee consists of representatives from academic affairs, student affairs, campus security, risk management, health, legal, and student government. This group meets periodically to discuss potential and existing health and safety risks.

Role of Committee

  1. Establish workgroups with systemwide participation to examine whether and how proposed changes to existing regulations and policies or the creation of new regulations and policies can further promote campus safety and security.
  2. Address potential health, safety and security issues proactively and before they might become a crisis.
  3. Facilitate and encourage discussion in order to make informed decisions regarding potential health, safety, security and risk issues that could have an impact on students and institutions.
  4. Provide consistent and timely information to the campuses about certain health, safety and security issues, including the use of technology to convey this information.
  5. Conduct Systemwide training and workshops on issues of campus safety and security and share information with and among campuses about upcoming state, regional and national workshops and conferences on these issues.
  6. Examine and address issues from the perspective of a systemwide group representing several relevant constituencies and viewpoints.
  7. Establish a systemwide point of contact for health, safety and security issues generated by internal and external individuals or groups (e.g., international directors, legislature).
  8. Enhance communication between System Administration offices and the campuses, including students, faculty, and staff.

Note: PACHSS is being restructured and not active at the moment.

President’s Advisory Committee Roster

Current committee members and their contact information (TBA)