Applied Research Grants

Recipient: Brian Barry
Homogeneous Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Using Earth Abundant Metals

Recipient: Min Liu DeGruson
Development of Bio-based Antimicrobial Food Packaging by Incorporating Antimicrobial Molecule-Nanoparticle Systems in Starch

Recipient: Jonathan Gutow
Experimental testing of computationally designed inhibitors of rhinovirus infectivity

Recipient: Mohammad Rabbani
Preparation of Metal-Organic-Frameworks (MOFs)-based Nanoporous Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Separation Application

Recipient: Shangping Xu
Development of ceramic-based water filtration materials for the removal of arsenic and virus

Recipient: Matthew Vonk
UW-River Falls
Scientifically Authentic Video-based Experiments (SAVE)

Applied Research-WiSys Technology Advancement Grant Match Grants

Recipient: Jim Hamilton
Development of Optimized Economical Metal Oxide Nanowire and Chalcogenide Quantum Dots for Displays, Solar and Water Splitting: Processing, Fabrication and Purification Technologies

Recipient: David Lewis
UW-Eau Claire
Novel chiral organocatalysts for synthetic organic reactions

Recipient: Wei Li
Development of a Semiconductor Quantum Dot Computer Aided Design Simulator

Recipient: Robert McGaff
UW-La Crosse
Design and construction of a prototype flow reactor for oxidations of alcohols and olefins

Recipient: Sabrina Mueller-Spitz
Short Circuiting Bacterial Communication to Prevent Plant Disease

Recipient: Aric Opdahl
UW-La Crosse
Thermostable attachment of capture probes to SPR sensors, for use in temperature gradient SPR measurements