Applied Research Grants

Recipient: Heather Clarke
UW-Green Bay
Moderators of the Effects of Social Isolation, Loneliness and Work-Family Conflict on Long Haul Driver Well-Being and Turnover

Recipient: Xiaohua Peng
ROS-Activated Prodrugs that Target Cancer Cells

Recipient: Heidi Wagner
Developing Assessment Measures for Women’s Building Construction Trade Pre-Apprenticeship Andragogy

Recipient: Weizhong Wang
Development of Secure Secret/Private Key Management Method for the Edge Nodes of the Internet of Things (IoT) Networks

AR-WiTAG Match Grants

Recipient: Serguei Bezroukov
Wireless Devices for School Security

Recipient: James Boulter
UW-Eau Claire
Continuous Monitoring of Airborne Silica for Worker Safety and OSHA Compliance

Recipient: Elizabeth Glogowski
UW-Eau Claire
Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Dispersants for Architectural Coating Applications

Recipient: Md Maruf Hossain
UW-Green Bay
Mechanically Integrated Wind Power Generation Systems

Recipient: Hanwan Jiang
Development of a Non-Destructive Technique for Interior Cracking Detection and Stress Evaluation for Concrete Structures Based on Diffuse Ultrasound Coda-wave Interferometry and Three-Dimensional Imaging

Recipient: Francis Mann
Microbe-Facilitated Anthocyanin Extraction of Fruit Waste

Recipient: John Obielodan
Development of Thermoplastic Biocomposite for 3D Printing

Prototype Development Fund Grants

Recipient: Gokul Gopalakrishnan
Shape Sensitive Molecular Sieving using Customized Nanoporous Silicon Membranes

Recipient: Wei Li
Development of the Prototype for a Semiconductor Quantum Dot Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Simulator