1. UW-Milwaukee and Madison leverage advanced technology partnership with Johnson Controls

    UW-Milwaukee laboratory

    Johnson Controls, the world’s leading automotive battery supplier, is helping to position Wisconsin as a worldwide leader in energy storage. The company has endowed a professorship, built cutting-edge research labs and funded graduate studies in energy storage at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The goal is to make groundbreaking discoveries and […]

  2. UW-Stevens Point and Wisconsin biotech company land biofuels research grant

    biology professor with lab technician working with technology

    Promising biofuels research at a Wisconsin biotech company and University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is getting a boost from a $224,292 National Science Foundation grant. C5.6 Technologies of Middleton, Wis., and the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology (WIST) at UW-Stevens Point were awarded the grant to continue work on developing bacteria that will ferment sugar into […]

  3. UWO, partners break ground on biodigester at state’s largest dairy farm

    team of people shoveling in a field

    It will serve as both a renewable energy plant and a learning and research laboratory. It promises a more sustainable future for the state’s evolving dairy industry. And it will prepare new waves of environmental and renewable energy scientists for the workforce, students who hail from the kinds of small, rural Wisconsin communities where similar […]

  4. UW-Madison innovation institute to broaden palette of advanced materials

    display of cutting edge mobile technology

    Sporting sleek cases, sensitive touch screens, and an ever-increasing array of features, today’s smartphones and tablets provide consumers unparalleled mobile computing capability. Yet, these and many other technologies are critically dependent on sophisticated new materials that can solve challenges in areas ranging from clean energy and national security to human health and well-being. And currently, […]

  5. Providing industry solutions and high-impact student experiences

    students working in a laboratory

    The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Materials Science Center was one of several innovative programs featured at the fall meeting of the Materials Research Society in Boston, Mass. MRS is a global professional association that facilitates the exchange of information and encourages collaboration across various fields of science affecting materials. UW-Eau Claire students Jason Leicht, a […]

  6. Biofuels patent issued to UW-Stevens Point researchers

    Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology

    “This gives us an economically viable way to use grass, trees or wood waste to make renewable fuels and chemicals. It also gives us a method to commercialize some of the work we’ve done at the university.”

  7. UWM engineers aim to bring down fuel cell costs

    Engineer holding up a "nanorod"

    “Fuel cells are capable of directly converting fuel into electricity. With fuel cells, electrical power from renewable energy sources can be delivered where and when required, cleanly, efficiently and sustainably.”