1. UW-Parkside mobile app speeds process of sharing emergency information

    Ready Badger App developed by UW-Parkside students

    Emergency managers from across southeastern Wisconsin were on hand April 12 at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside for the debut of a mobile app designed to speed the process of gathering and sharing emergency information. Working with county emergency managers, the App Factory at UW-Parkside developed Ready Badger. According to Dr. Derek Riley, UW-Parkside assistant professor

  2. UW-Parkside: Strong partnership builds new web presence for Town of Somers

    David Sieraski at UW-Parkside

    SOMERS – When web visitors access www.somers.org they find a well-designed, easy-to-navigate site that conveys important information about the town of Somers, a community of more than 10,000 residents in the southeast corner of Wisconsin, and home to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Not long ago, those same visitors may have been challenged to find information

  3. UW-Parkside students chosen for UW med school ‘RUSCH’

    SOMERS, Wis.—Many Wisconsin rural and urban communities have something in common – a shortage of physicians and other health-care professionals. Rural and Urban Scholars in Community Health, or RUSCH, is designed to meet that growing need. The goal of this initiative from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, is to select

  4. UW-Parkside Cyber Security Lab preps info guardians

    Every day brings fresh revelations about sophisticated cyber criminals shutting down vast computer networks, hacking computers from half a world away to probe files, and stealing proprietary information. UW-Parkside faculty and students are using dedicated facilities to understand cybercrime and prevent it. Find out how… UW-Parkside educating cyber security sentinels The headlines are global and

  5. Plan could result in substantial savings for Department of Corrections

    UW-Parkside building

    “I’m excited about this. This has great promise.” When Wisconsin State Senator Bob Wirch came to campus Friday, April 27, saving taxpayer money was on his mind. After viewing research done by University of Wisconsin-Parkside students Chris McMahon and Trevor Severson on potential changes to healthcare delivery at state correctional institutions that could save millions

  6. Startup company strives to improve wheelchair mobility

    two students looking at a laptop

    To say University of Wisconsin-Parkside Chancellor Debbie Ford is enthusiastic about the potential value of Procubed LLC to students, the university, and the region’s economy would be an understatement. The start-up mechanical engineering firm is settling into temporary space at the Ralph Jaeschke Solutions for Economic Growth (SEG) Center with plans to build a better

  7. Research leads to improved water-quality test

    researchers by the lake

    RACINE — Most people who use a beach for swimming or other recreation have experienced water-quality advisories and closed beaches. As a result of research projects under the direction of University of Wisconsin-Parkside graduate Dr. Julie Kinzelman (’84, medical technology/biological sciences), water-quality advisories for Racine’s popular North Beach more accurately reflect that day’s water conditions.

  8. Sustainable management degree sees strong growth

    Janna Rasmussen working outside on her laptop

    Janna Rasmussen of Fort Atkinson, WI, has a confession.  At age 47, she didn’t go back to college to launch a new career, or even to fulfill a desire to earn her degree.  She went back to college because of a steak dinner bet with her son. Janna was a locomotive engineer when her son,